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The Outdoor BIG5.

You couldn’t get any more adventure!


Warth-Schröcken is the outdoor Mecca in the Alps. Here adventure upon adventure lines up and there is new thrills await every day for those of you who are on the look out for fun and adrenaline. The combination of fun in the water and adrenaline up in the dizzy heights gets every outdoor grouch outside.

Looking for a new challenge?
Then give the Outdoor BIG5 in Warth-Schröcken a go: Wild water swimming, canyoning, Flying Fox, adventure park and via ferrata!
The five activities are offered in various difficulty levels and are suitable for groups and families. Each BIG5 adventure may of course be booked individually.

The 5 outdoor highlights you have to experience!

  • Canyoning in Warth-Schröcken
  • Schröcken adventure park
  • Flying Fox in Schröcken
  • Karhorn via ferrata
  • Wild water swimming

The BIG5 in Warth-Schröcken are the highlight for any adventurer who is looking for fun and adrenaline. The combination of fun in the water and adrenaline up in the dizzy heights gets every outdoor grouch outside. While canyoning in the turquoise blue waters of the Lech, waterfalls and gorges plunge down – with guidance from an experienced guide of course and after having practised on dry land. Those for whom that is too much action in one go, will feel right as rain enjoying some inspiring wild water swimming. Floating on the wild River Lech you get to see a very different side to the natural surroundings – boredom is definitely something you won't experience here, thanks to the current and the gorges. After so much water it's now time to head to the trees and to the cliff faces. The adventure park in Schröcken is a high-ropes course which has 42 rope parcours, 3 zip lines and a 150 metre Flying Fox line. Each station requires courage and a little bit of skill, but is fun for families, friends and anyone who is looking for a kick. Those of you for whom ziplining here is not enough will be very well catered for on a Flying Fox park safari, up between 20 and 90 metres. The Karhorn via ferrata route goes even further up. The first section (Ostgrat) goes up to the summit cross and manageable for the over 10s, providing dreamy views into the valley.

  • Via ferrata Karhorn

  • Canyoning

  • Adventure park Schröcken

  • Flying Fox

1. Climbing and more on the Karhorn via ferrata.

From the mountain station for the summer cable car, the Steffisalp Express, access to the Karhorn via ferrata is a walk of around 45 minutes. The route proceeds via the Ostgrat, taking around two and a half hours (550 metres altitude, including the climb) up to the summit of the Karhorn. It is secured with wire cables throughout. At a difficulty level of B/C, this via ferrata route is also suitable for less experienced climbers and families with children who are experienced in climbing. Sure-footedness and a head for heights are required. From the summit at around 2400 metres, via ferrata walkers get to enjoy open views to the impressive, huge mountains, including the Zugspitze, Wildspitze and Säntis in Switzerland. Those who have a head for heights can extend the tour from here and proceed around the challenging panorama Westgrat via ferrata route (C/D, 600 metres altitude). The lofty ridge-top via ferrata proceeds as a circular tour back the Wartherhornsattel. Full equipment for your via ferrata tour can also be hired at Alpinschule Widderstein in Warth, or at Alpinschule Schröcken.

Karhorn via ferrata.

Karhorn via ferrata.
Karhorn via ferrata.

A very special panorama via ferrata. The segmentation into the east and west ridge is optimal for families and for ambitious climbers too.


2. Natural adventure - Canyoning.

There is no better way to experience Lech and the Bregenzerache: While canyoning you pass the steep cliff faces, head through picturesque natural pools and even go down one waterfall or another. However, before getting down to it, participants receive training from fully qualified canyoning guides on dry land - with information provided about the correct technique for moving around and abseiling. Canyoning tours are divided up into various difficulty levels. ‘Spuller Canyon’, which has short abseiling sections, is an ideal canyon for beginners and all the family. ‘Hard Rock I-IV’, a canyon between Nesslegg and Heimboden/Schröcken, stands out thanks to its variety-packed route. Here participants get to enjoy a variety of climbing sections, eight waterfalls, with the highlight at the end being the 40 metre waterfall, which is tackled by abseiling. Irrespective of the number of participants the experience costs between 75 and 100 Euro. www.holzschopf.com

3. Whizz through the air on the Flying Fox.

What could be more exciting than whizzing through the air on a 90 metre high rope slide?
The Flying Fox Park Safari proceeds from Nesslegg to Heimboden – without you having to put your feet on the ground. You get to see things from a bird’s eye view, hooked into a wire rope with a full-body harness. The Flying Fox Park Safari consists of six steel cables in total, which proceed across the gorges in the deeply carved Bregenzerache. This lofty adventure is suitable for children aged six and over. This outdoor BIG5 adventure is available to book for 18 Euro. www.alpinschule-schroecken.at.

Flying Fox.

Flying Fox.
Flying Fox.

Take a look at the natural surroundings from a bird’s eye view.


4. Master the ropes course in Schröcken adventure park.

Adventurers of all ages head into the air and across the water in Schröcken adventure park: The high ropes courses offers 42 rope parcours of differing levels, at between three and 15 metres in height. With their unusual rock formations, set in the midst of a dense forest, the Bregenzerache ravine provides the perfect setting for this adventure park. Whether it is an easy climb on natural rock, balancing on tree trunks and suspension bridges, or the ultimate test of courage on the Tarzan jump. Visitors get to take themselves to their limits in an enjoyable way here. Tip for the especially daring: The new Riesenschaukel Mega Swing. Taking a courageous leap, you go from one side of the river bank to the other. When accompanied by an adult, children over the age of six can climb too. Special family prices for three people or more. www.abenteuerpark.net.

5. Wild water swimming in Lech.

Roaring water, spume, vertical rock faces. A wild water tour through the upper section of the Lech gorge, between Lech and Warth is one of pure, untamed nature. From July to September, the river invites the courageous to leap from the rocks into the turquoise pools, swim through white water rapids or slide across smooth stone slabs. With a neoprene suit, life jacket and helmet, participants swim through one of the last wild rivers in the Alps. This four-hour, guided wild water swim costs 60 Euro per person, including safety equipment and guide. www.alpinschulewidderstein.com.


The Big5 JUNIORS include the same adventures in a simpler difficulty level.

How can I book the BIG5?

The Alpine schools and outdoor service providers offer set times each week for their respective outdoor adventures.
These set times can be found in the weekly programme.

Should the set times not appeal, other times can be agreed direct with the respective service provider.

Weekly programme.

Weekly programme.
Weekly programme.

Experience a diverse week in Warth-Schröcken and its surroundings! From guided hikes to culinary events and live music - there's something for every taste. Dive in, enjoy unforgettable moments, and discover the unique atmosphere of this picturesque region. Welcome to a week full of experiences!


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