Warth Schroecken

Biberkopf (2.599 m).

Mountain Hike

Biberkopf (2.599 m).

Let’s start in Lechleiten at approx. 1.500 m. At the beginning of the mountain tour, we follow the hiking path uphill over lush green fields and flowering meadows. After a short walk, the path becomes much narrower and leads us a little closer to the summit in a zigzag. Meanwhile, we are already beyond the tree line in a large hollow, where we can truly enjoy a postcard view. We continue our hike and soon come to a pure rocky landscape, which is partly secured with steel ropes. While we climb up and do some climbing passages, full concentration, surefootedness and vertigo are required. Having reached the ridge, the mighty summit cross is reached in a few minutes. We breathe deeply into the foresight at the summit and feel pure happiness at the summit. Retour at the same way.

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directions_run Typ:Mountain Hike


arrow_right_alt Distance:7,7 km

access_time Duration:270 min

trending_up Elevation gain:1046 hm

trending_down Elevation decrease:1052 hm

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Biberkopf (2.599 m).

GPS 47.27040600 / 10.23247700


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Warth Schroecken